Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello there!
I wanna apologize for the sudden disappearance. My life has been a beautiful mess these past weeks.
The only thing I can honestly say is that I'm here and that's a perfect thing.

So, I've been thinking a lot about fashion, it's meaning and all the pretty things with which we meet every day either on the streets or TV, internet etc.. and suddenly it began to lose sense to me.  All these beauty products, fashion campaigns, bombardment of subliminal ads everywhere you turn around about what to buy, how to look, stay fresh and young, what's hot and what's not. 
The requirement for spending tons of money on stuff you probably don't need but desperately have to own in order to feel special or successful. I thought about it a lot and it made me feel sick, almost felt sorry for myself. All this time maybe I cared a lot about getting the right pair of shoes because it feels good in my head?
I remember a friend once asked me, what hobbies do you have? I own a fashion blog and I enjoy very much doing it, I proudly answered. He looked me and said with a tone of disappointment  !oh you're one of those people!.. One of those people I asked? what does that even mean? I didn't understand why the judgement because coincidentally he's a fashion designer, but he explained so easily to me: - I just find stupid when a bunch of presumptuous guys tell me how many shoes they've just bought and how bad they can't wait to wear them, but they never seem to have a job or struggle to earn them-. He was so right!
This was not at all the reason why I fell in love with fashion a long ago. 
When does fashion divorce intelligence? "Breakfast in bed & my louboutins"?, "Clutches, lattes and lace"? GOD NO! C'mon bloggers, people deserve better.
Somehow I lost the meaning in the way, and ended up hating all this pretentiousness.  Why would we want to have the same hairstyle, over-spend in a wallet or even worse; read about a blogger finding the bag of the season and its emerald green color which is so rich,rich, luxe,luxe? Boooring! In the end is like an army of snob, stuck up and uppity fake clones. Ugh! 
I don't wanna give advices, who am I to give them.. I just wanna keep sharing what inspires me right now, what I like and find attractive in a healthy way and if in the road I get to inspire you somehow then I will have accomplished something big and this blog will get a sense.

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