Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Good artists copy...

From top to bottom: 
Brian Blake high sneakers, Alexander Wang golf bags, UNIF hellraiser loafers.

It seems like we are in the sneakers, loafers/ moccasins/ oxfords= comfort season,  and Isabel Marant's creation seems to be not only the favorite among fashion appreciators (addicts) but one of the most pricey ones too. But hey! this is never been a problem since we can always count on the friendly budget similars (Jeffrey Campbell knows best, and we thank him for it.)
If you're dying to get the look but don't necessarily want to spend a lot of the big ones; this Brian Blake pair will do for you. 
About spiked loafers, Louboutin did great! unleashing a wave of copycats, no wonder why.
So in this case the hellraisers from Unif will satisfy your thirst for studded shoes.
Other sneaker similars, here and here.
More loafers here.

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