Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pastel princess.
It's 9:44 pm and I'm still at work!  At this point I am about to sleep on the computer.
Lately I've been feeling nostalgic about my years in high school (only God knows why) when I wore pink hair and had a tongue piercing (I don't feel embarrassed to say it.. yet), so today I played some of the music I used to hear back in the day and I realize that most of the cool bands of that time where led by badass women I used to idolize like Nina Persson, Shirley Manson or Gwen Stefani, they totally influenced the way I dress.
And what this conversation has to do with pastel skinnies? Actually nothing but I'm tired and apparently full of feelings (or desperate for a friend?).
About pastel trousers: a must this season, low-slung (which I'll talk about later), cropped, ankle-length, printed, or chinos.
How to wear them: to the ankle, with stiletto pumps, printed shirts, strappy sandals, washed denim jackets.
Here are some ideas of where to get: Zara, topshop, J.brand, Current Elliot, j.crew.

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