Thursday, January 12, 2012

Printed pants.
From left: ZARA printed pants, ASOS petit floral pants.

Though is hardly midweek, it is been already quite a mess! I've been very sick with the flu so right now all I do is feel like crap and cough until my eyes pop out. 
But enough of me... and a little more of what's going on with these cute pants over here. 
Because major marketing strategists, who dictate our private lives want to shove either holidays or seasons up our butts as fast as possible and we seem to enjoy it... here it is one of the hottest trends for spring! The fabulous printed pants, yes sir! What do you think? is it floral? animal? or maybe oriental rug type of print? What is the best.. I kind of like them all, particularly those from ASOS. 
From left animal print: J. Brand 801 pants, Currently Elliott leopard pants, D&G leopard print jean.
From left: Rag&Bone galaxy leggings, Panta oriental pants, Topshop tropical floral leggings.

Have an awesome rest of the week! xx.

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