Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Man up!
Ties, bow ties, wide legged pants, jackets or combat boots, are items needed to pull off the "Boyish look" a la Annie Hall. It has became a trademark for style icons like Emmanuelle Alt and Diane Keaton among others.
Beware 'cause this look is only for unique and independent women.
I've never been, let's say a girly-girl and showing off a lot of skin has never been my thing, so I declare myself a faithful follower of this look. 
I find this style very wild and sexy somehow, I believe is better when people try to imagine what's underneath, a little detail here and there bla bla(the fantastic art of teasing, but that my friends is another story) or better said, never show your cards before the game starts haha.. it gives you some kind of mysticism and confidence. xx

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