Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas joy!

After so long of not coming home, finally I'm here.  I've done nothing but eat, rest, eat a little more and sleep. I haven't even take off my pjs since I got here (as I promised).
 I'm enjoying big time, so much that I'm even cooking (yes, me the I never ever cook girl... cooking). Today I cooked my first tuna fish souffle and it didn't suck! And my next task is to wrap the christmas gifts but I'm kind of bored of the regular gift wrap with the snowflakes and christmas trees on it so I think I'll try something more fun.
I definitely wanna try the kraft paper and the pom poms.. I took the idea from here.
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This is also very suitable when you realize you didn't buy enough christmas wrapping paper and you don't have enough time and the energies to go back to the stores and start hunting for some left overs. Instead, we better stay at home enjoy ourselves with a delicious christmas punch, a cheesy movie, take a dive into the boxes where we keep all kind of crap from past parties, birthdays and christmases and turn it into something nice! xx

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